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Whether you are someone who takes full advantage of their pickup’s power or you simply like to drive trucks for their style, eventually normal wear and tear will take its toll on your vehicle and you will need to bring it in for maintenance.  When your pickup truck encounters an issue, CarDoc has the certified technician to trust with your gas or diesel diagnostic. We can perform a wide range of repair services on all makes and models of personal trucks, from Dodge, GM, Toyota, Ford and more. Our team knows all the ins and outs of truck maintenance and repair work, as many of us have been driving our own pickups for years. We are a proven Blue Seal ASE shop in College Station, TX who you can rely on for quality parts and service, honest recommendations, fair rates, and true dedication to our customers.

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Many pickup truck owners take pride in their ride and like to do their own maintenance. This type of vehicle, however, has different needs than passenger cars, meaning you will be more likely to run into situations where the assistance of a professional truck mechanic is warranted. For one thing, a truck’s size requires bigger and heavier parts as well as larger and sturdier tools to work on the engine or jack it up off the ground. Attempting to work on your truck without the proper equipment could be dangerous. As an ASE mechanic, we always make safety a top priority.
Have no doubt that our experienced truck mechanics will be conscious of these unique concerns. We will work efficiently and accurately to get your truck back into tip-top shape whenever you need us.
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