Cooling System Repair in College Station, TX ➤

Your cooling system is a very crucial system that your vehicle needs to operate efficiently. The cooling system provides a balancing act of keeping your vehicle running at the perfect temperature, that is the most efficient, without overheating and causing catastrophic damage. Here at CarDoc Automotive, we have the experience and knowledge to keep your cooling system running in peak condition. Whether your vehicle is a foreign or domestic, our technicians are fully capable in navigating even the most complex cooling systems.

Here are a few symptoms that could indicate your vehicles cooling system could be compromised

  • Temperature gauge showing your vehicle is running hotter than normal or colder than normal
  • Heater in your vehicle is no longer blowing warm air
  • Notice antifreeze is leaking. They can be anywhere from pink to green to blue, maybe even purple depending on the manufacturer
  • White smoke is coming out of your exhaust
  • Steam coming out from under your hood
  • Your vehicle is exhibiting a sweet smell coming from your A/C vents

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If your vehicle is experiencing one or more symptoms CarDoc Automotive will help you on getting the correct and necessary repairs. Our experienced technicians will confirm the root cause and make the repair with quality parts.
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