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Vehicle Diagnostics Available in College Station, TX ➤

Vehicles are now running more efficiently than ever before. This is due to manufacturers constantly evolving how your automobile operates. To accomplish this, they use more modules, variable valve timing, coil over plug, sensors, and many other components. It can be intimidating to figure out why your vehicle is not operating the way it was designed to. From your engine not running properly, transmission not shifting, or any electrical issues, CarDoc Automotive has the experience and expertise to tackle any concern you may be facing. We specialize in Engine Performance and Diagnostic on foreign and domestic vehicles, gas or diesels, and hybrids.


Here at Cardoc Automotive in College Station, TX, we have top of the line scan tools, specialty tools and equipment, factory wiring diagrams and 20+ years of experience. If you notice your vehicle not operating the way it should, our ASE certified technicians can diagnose any problem.

Is a Vehicle Diagnostic Right For You?

With the advancement of more efficient and more comfortable automobiles, we understand the endless problems that can arise. Here are a few of many things we can diagnose for you.

  • Engine running rough
  • Transmission not operating smoothly
  • Cruise control not operational
  • Electronic Steering and Suspension
  • Fuel system troubles
  • Electronic Steering and Suspension
  • Parasitic battery draws
  • Hybrid systems
  • Warning lights or messages
  • Exterior and interior lights not working
  • ABS malfunctioning
  • Body control modules
  • Body control functions
  • Wiring Issues
  • Cameras malfunctioning

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You don’t have to wait until your car shows signs of trouble. Bring your vehicle to CarDoc Automotive for our computer diagnostics system. We’ll be glad to take a look at it and offer our tune up service, call or visit us today!
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