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College Station, TX is located within Brazos County, Texas. The city is home to more than 115,000 people. It is a college town and is home to the main campus of Texas A & M University. The city has a land area that is greater than 49 square miles. This means the population density is roughly 2,000 people per square mile. The economy is diverse. One industry stands among the rest however and that is education. Other industries like healthcare, retail, and professional services also make up large portions of the economic landscape. 
It is most likely that you utilize a car to get around College Station, TX. Cars do not last forever and will eventually have issues. You need an auto mechanic that you can trust to perform your car services. Call the professional staff here at CarDoc Automotive. We are experienced, and we offer high-quality auto repairs to those across the College Station, TX area. Call us today to make an appointment. 

A/C Services Offered in College Station, TX

When spending time in College Station and the surrounding areas, it is important to prioritize the quality of care for your vehicle’s A/C unit. Monitoring the condition of a car’s A/C not only keeps its passengers more comfortable in the climate experienced in College Station, but it also can help to preserve as much value as possible on your owned or leased vehicle.

At CarDoc Automotive, we work to make sure you are aware of the importance of keeping your car’s A/C unit up to inspection standards. We successfully accomplish this mission by offering  A/C service regardless of the make and model of your automobile. Our A/C service technicians and mechanics are trained to efficiently perform inspections and repairs to your vehicle, and also possess the knowledge to better educate our clients on signs to look for when an A/C service may be necessary.

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For more than 20 years, the professional staff here at CarDoc Automotive has been providing exceptional quality car services to those in the College Station, TX area. We can offer you vehicle maintenance, brake service, transmission service, AC service, heating repair, and more. Since 1999, our family-owned and -operated business has been putting cars back on the road. When you need reliable car services, turn to a team you can trust. CarDoc Automotive is more than ready to take your car, diagnose the issue, and repair anything that is wrong. Call us today to make an appointment or to learn more about the variety of car services that we have to offer. 
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